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Best Laptops For Editing (Photo or Video)

Best laptops for editing photo/video

Whether you are editing photo or a video, you must acquire a laptop that is best in terms of display. Resolution of a laptop plays a greater role in determining which laptop is best for you. If you want the best laptops for editing photo or a video, resolution of 1920 x 1080 is the best. Of course other aspects such as storage, processor and RAM are also equally important.

What is the best storage option for editing ?

When it comes to storage option these days, it is either Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) . For editing, either 256 GB SSD or 1 TB of HDD are recommended. Sometimes combination of these storage options also makes a best laptops for editing photo or a video.

What is the best processor for editing ?

Intel ® i5 or Intel ® i7. Processing power is key to a lag free editing. These processor along with other compatible components delivers unprecedented level of performance and speed. Best laptops for editing photos or videos requires the best possible processor like we mentioned.

How much RAM does editing requires ?

Editing audio and video files can be large depending upon the size of your project. Therefore, having at least 8GB of RAM would give you sufficient room to work on and makes your laptop an ideal laptop for editing. 16 GB of RAM is even better.

Below is the table of best laptops for editing photo or a video.

10 Best Laptops For Editing Photo/Video.

Laptop Brands Processor and Key Specifications Pricing

Acer Aspire V 15

Intel®i7 |1 TB HDD | 15.6 inch | 16 GB RAM |NVIDIA GTX960M | 1920 x 10180 pixels Under $1000

Lenovo Ideapad 700

Intel®i7|1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 | 1920 x 10180 pixels Under $1000
MicroSoft Surface Book Intel®i5 |256 GB SSD| 8 GB RAM | NVIDIA| 1920 x 1080 pixels Under $1250
MacBook Pro With Retina Display  Intel®i7|256 GB SSD|8GB RAM | 2304 x 1440 Resolution Under $1200
Dell Inspiron  Intel®i5|256 GB SSD |8 GB RAM| NVIDIA| 1920×1080 pixels Under $750

Dell Inspiron i7559

Intel®i7|1 TB HDD + 8GB SSD | NVIDIA | FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels Under $800

ASUS ZenBook Flip

Intel®i5 |512 GB SSD|8 GB RAM | FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels Under $800


Intel®i7|512 GB SSD | GTX 960M | 8GB RAM | 1920 x 1080 pixels Under $800

Toshiba Satellite

Intel®i5|8 GB RAM | 1 TB HDD | FHD Touchscreen Under $800


Intel®i7|1 TB HDD | 16 GB RAM | NVIDIA | FHD 1920 x 1080 Under $850

Acer Aspire V15 – Ultimate Editing Machine

Acer Aspire V 15, a well known laptop among gamers, suits best for photo and video editing. And that is due to the true capability and power of this very laptop. The speed at which this laptop performs and the durability it offers will significantly make a difference, if you are looking for a laptop for video and photo editing. Featuring a 15.6″ Full HD, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GTX 950M, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD and Windows 10 Home, this laptop is truly amazing when it comes to photo and video editing. Priced around 800 dollars, this laptop offers all the latest gems needed for a photo or a video editor. 

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Lenovo IdeaPad 700 – Ideal and Best laptop for Editing

It is one of ideal laptop for photo and video editors. Lenovo consistently proves itself to be one of the best laptop makers in today’s market and this particular laptop is no exception. With 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i5 6300HQ, 12 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD and NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M, photo and video editors can rejoice the true power of this laptop. Well under 700 dollars, this laptop is also one of the best laptops for editing photo or a video. 

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MicroSoft Surface Book – New Best Laptop For Editing

With the introduction of New Microsoft Surface Book, many of you aren’t quite sure about the power and features of this very laptop. If that is the case, let us explain why this laptop stands out among the rest. First,this laptop only has a mini DisplayPort which can easily be converted to HDMI by purchasing an inexpensive adapter and has a custom Nvidia GPU. It has 384 CUDA cores, making it roughly the equivalent of the 940M except with 1GB of faster GDDR5 RAM instead of the normal 2GB of slower GDDR3 RAM. This faster RAM is more ideal for 3D renderings and editing photo and video. One of the best laptops for editing photo and video in today’s market.

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MacBook Pro With Retina Display

MacBook Pro is still among the best laptops for editing photo or a video. This laptop’s durability as well as the performance and speed at which it performs, makes it a great laptop for photo and video editors. Equipped with Solid State Drive and resolution that is one of the best in the market, photo and video editors can fully enjoy the potential of this very laptop in an unprecedented manner. One of the best laptops for editing in terms of performance as well as durability. With over 10 hours of battery life, you editing are endless.

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Dell Inspiron 15.6 inch Gaming Laptop For Photo/Video Editing

Another gaming laptop for photo and video editors for the price that you cannot beat. With Full HD 15.6 inch screen and 6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, this laptop gives you the best bang for your buck. Also featuring 256GB SSD and Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, it offers the best performance for every photo and a video editor. Priced well under 750 dollars, this laptop is perfect for photo and video editors looking to get a good deal. 

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ASUS ZenBook Flip – TouchScreen

ASUS ZenBook Flip is lighter, slimmer and faster than other notebooks in its class to give you the unmatched power and all-day portability you need to conquer your day. The new ZenBook UX360CA packs an Intel Skylake Core M3 Processor. Adding to that is the incredible responsiveness of the Solid State Drive (SSD), everything from startup to loading demanding programs happens in a flash. It’s lightweight feature also best fits photo and video editors on the move. A great and budget friendly laptop for photo and video editors.

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ASUS K501UW – Best laptop for editing under 1000

Another 15.6 inch Full HD laptop that truly speaks for itself. It features Intel Core i7, GTX 960M, 8GB DDR4 and 512GB SSD. It provides a unique cooling technique to take it to the next level and ensuring that your laptop always stays nice and cool to deliver a smooth and quality computing experience for your editing. Priced around 800 dollars, this laptop is comes with the latest high quality gems that an editor would want in a laptop for smooth experience. One of the best laptops for editing from ASUS. 

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These laptops specifications are perfect for any photo or video editing and hence makes these laptops one of the best laptops for editing photo or video. With such power and performance like mentioned above, your laptop is certain to perform like a champ. Shop Wisely!



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